Doing Awesome Things with Software

September 2018

SuperWorker is the new brand name for the next generation of products we are creating

We're experimenting on a platform for Tech Event discovery, helping you find things to do that will help you make progress on your tech journey

SaaS Founders! We're creating solutions for helping rapidly understand the compexities of pricing models and subscription plans, and speed up the implementation, using an intuitive visual tools

Website coming soon.


App and Marketplace for scripts that save you time throughout the day so you can go home early.

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Cloud based solutions built on a flexible platform

Ready to use cloud apps that you can completely customize.

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Generate beautifully rendered Balsamiq wireframes from web pages in seconds!

Desktop App or Online

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Experienced Chargify and Subscription Consultants

  • Conversion
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Setup
  • Hosted Page customization
  • Custom integration
  • CloudGlue + Subtastic - Complete Customer Self-Service portal and Admin Console software as a service